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Frequently asked questions:

- Where are you based and how can I see your work in person?

I`m currently based in Zürich, Switzerland. My studio hours are by appointment only, but if you`d like to schedule something, email prior to your visit to set up a time.

- How long does it take for me to receive my artwork?

Each painting is carefully packaged and requires time for drying, varnishing, and in some cases framing.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for domestic orders and 3-4 weeks for international orders to arrive. 

- Do you ship overseas?

Yes, I do. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for international orders to arrive.

- How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping costs are determined based on the price, dimensions, and weight of the artwork(s) purchased, as

well as the shipping destination. Shipping costs include packaging and handling. Please note that artwork

may be subject to duties, taxes and/or fees according to your country`s regulations. Please consult your

local customs office for more details about duties and taxes. For a shipping cost estimate, please contact

me at

- Do you do commissions?

Yes, I do! Please allow up to 1-2 months for a commission to be finished. A deposit of 50% is required.

- Is there a way I can preview what a painting would look like in my house?

Yes! I know how important seeing a painting in your space is. Simply email a picture

of your blank wall. Be sure to capture it with bright and even lighting. I will then place the painting on your

wall digitally and send it back for you to check out.

- What type of materials do you use and how do you finish your paintings?

All of my work is created using my woodworking tools, acrylic paints, pastels and pigments as a part of my process. Each painting is carefully varnished to protect the painting including the wood shavings. In most

cases the work includes a wooden frame which I produce myself and is available in any colour.

- I own a gallery or store and I'd like to carry your work.

Thank you for your interest! Please feel free to contact me for enquiries about representation, licensing, or wholesale opportunities. email 

- Do you work with interior designers?

Yes, I`m happy to create custom paintings in any size to suit you and your client's vision. For a consultation

to discuss your requirements, please email me at .

- Returns?

Every order, commission, and sale is handled with care and as much clarity and transparency as possible.

My goal is for you to be completely thrilled with your purchase! 
All sales are final. Exceptions are made in case of any damage incurred during shipping. If this happens,

please contact me within 7 days of receiving your artwork.

If you have additional questions feel free to email me at

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