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Artist Statement

I am deeply influenced by the chaotic order and the complexity of Nature which is the inspiration at the core of my work. By interpreting the moods and feelings of nature, my works transforms into botanical illusions which resembles traditional paintings yet on closer inspection the surface is almost three dimensional with a vivid and illusory texture.


Due to my past as a cabinet maker, my technique starts by carving and scraping onto wooden boards with my numerous woodworking tools. Working very intuitively and guided by the grains in the wood, an unpredictable textured base unfolds. The remaining wood splinters still attached to the boards are an essential part in my works. The process is followed by painting several layers of earthy color tones using pigments and acrylic paints until a painterly impression is obtained. The organic feeling I am seeking for, is reinforced by a balance between natural spontaneity and carefully defined markings.

I`m trying to make sense of the current society, where many are disconnected from the importance of nature and prefer to exploit it rather than nurture it. Through my forests and landscapes, I strive to portray a sense of tranquility as well as to emphasize the immense driving power Nature is able to convey!

#artofmarika #woodartist 


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