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Marika found her way back to the travel industry where she had previously worked several years organising trips mainly for groups before her creative "chapter" begun.


By pure coincidence, a few years later she found herself on a painting course which totally changed the direction and the purpose of her life. For her being creative has always been a huge outlet and being able to do this through experimenting in artistic ways was a giant revelation. 


After some years of exprimenting with different styles and techniques another giant revelation emerged. This time she found her way back to wood. The combination of painting and using wood as her canvas. The unique style she developped by"drawing" with her wood working tools on wooden panels was born.  


Having reconnected with her former yoga and meditation teachers from Switzerland, now residents of Mallorca, the idea of organising a retreat by combining her expertise in art, organising travels and her love for yoga and meditation came to life. Creativity arises naturally in states of stillness and yoga and meditation grant us access to the deep places of our psyche and consciousness and we become receptive to the abundant creativity within.

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